Why Emprise ​

WHY Emprise

Well-Scheduled Classes

Well-Scheduled Classes Syllabus is completed well in time without any burden of extra classes.

Home-like Atmosphere

Round the clock parental care keeps the students stress free, the need of the day.

Errorless Test Series

More than 100 tests, thousands of questions and above all errorless papers.

Boost up for student

Three individual meeting of every student with Director two parents meet and timely motivation
and medal ceremonies.

Outstanding Results

The excellence of Emprise is proved every year whether it is the matter of success ratio,
number of selections or top ranks.


Our success is determined by the performance of not just our top rankers, but of each and every student. While we strive for the best result for every student, we also recognize that for a lot of students, the pressure of unrealistic goals can be very harmful. This is why we take a different approach at Avanti.

At the beginning of the program, we set a ‘Stretch Goal’ for each student, based on Emprise diagnostic test, and Student’s classroom performance.


The goal could be state Engineering/Medical College, the NDA exam or the NITs, IITs or AIIMS.

Upfront goal setting makes it easier for teachers to provide guidance to the students throughout the program, and students can also maintain better focus. This, combined with our small batch sizes, ensures that students get customised teacher support.


After the initial goal for a student is fixed, we provide them customised material catering to SEE Main, SEE Advanced or NEET, as the case may be. Since the pattern and problem difficulty in different exams is very different, a student can focus on their goal with the right resources at hand.

Throughout the program, we track every student’s in-class participation and test scores. As the student makes progress, the “Stretch Goal” is changed to match the performance. The teachers also monitor performance closely to make sure the students work on their areas of improvement.


In order to make an informed career choice after high school, students need to know where their interests lie and what colleges or stream they can target. At Emprise we run a comprehensive career guidance program integrated within our classroom program which consists of the following:


Psychometric assessment to predict student interests Aptitude assessment to predict student strengths and areas of improvement Interactive simulations and role-playing sessions to help students experience careers in engineering first hand Notifications for application deadlines for major competitive exams and guidance through the application process Guidance sessions for choice-filling at the time of admission process.


Emprise reaches out to engage parents in supporting the students’ learning and development. Our parent engagement program includes the following:

Details of student attendance, class participation and test scores are made accessible to parents.

Students’ performance and goals are regularly discussed with parents in Parent-Teacher meetings Parents are encouraged to give feedback to Emprise teachers and managers at any time during the program.