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Distance Learning Programme

Distance Learning Programme is also available for the students who are unable to join our regular classroom courses and wish to add academics advantage and quality of study material & Test series of EMPRISE. We provide topicwise mudules (for NEET) & Worksheets (for JEE) distance learners.

Our Test Series with the highest no of test in India is also available for distance learners.

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Course Includes

  • Study MATERIAL
  • Daily Practice question
  • All India Test Series.

Course Highlights:

  • Study modules with detailed theory and solved examples.
  • Part Syllabus & full syllabus test in AITS.
  • Topic wise question Banks with part and full syllabus test.
  • Important concepts & formula booklets.

All India Test Series (AITS)

  • A perfect blend of part and full syllabus tests.
  • Provides perfact benchmark to the students to evaluate their performance against the best brains in the country.
  • Test schedule , syllabus and result will be available at website.

Study Material Includes

  • NEET/JEE Target Batch – 6 Books for each subject (PCM/PCB)
  • XI/XII Foundation – 3 Books for each subject (PCB/PCM)
  • Pre-Foundation – 6 Books for SAT/MAT