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He is a living example of bundles commitment to teach with excellence and see his
students succeed SD Sir excelled with top performances in all fields that he was
associated with as student, as an engineer and as a Faculty in Teaching Profession.
SD Sir received his Bachelor of Engineering with Hons. in Mechanical Engineering
from the University of Derby, England.

He has extensive managerial and teaching experience in both the UK and India. He
worked at the Ford Group as a Project Engineer, He has written for leading journals
including British Management Review and Journal of International Education
Studies, after working some of the leading institute of Kota in India he decided to
start Emprise for educational development through entrepreneurship.

Sushil Dagur

Founder & Director

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Director's Message

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He is a member of International Mechanical Engineering Council (IME). He holds Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Derby, England, U.K. He has worked in Rolls Royce Limited as a project engineer where He has held several key positions in Mechanical design & project management department. While working as an engineer, he nursed an ambition of becoming an entrepreneur in the bourgeoning field of education.

He switched to his passion of teaching mathematics to IIT-JEE Aspirants. He has worked with some of the leading IIT -JEE Coaching Institutes. His innovative and integrative approach gives Mathematics learning a new extension. RK Sir’s unique teaching methodology helps the students imbibe the concepts in Mathematics in a spur of a moment. His vast experience is the ultimate resource for students in the field of Mathematics.

Rakesh Kumar

Founder & Director

Dear Parents and Students

We Started Emprise with the mission of helping students across India get into good engineering and medical colleges.

After spending multiple years in the corporate sector, we decided to start Emprise because we saw two major problems with science and math education in India.

Competitive exams like the IIT JEE, NEET, CET, NTSE & Olympiads are very different from school examinations.
While the board exams test students on being able to memorise simple facts, these competitive exams focus on testing problem solving.

This skill is difficult to master and this is why students require preparation at institutes that are good at teaching them these skills.

Many students are not aware that competitive exams are the only way to gain admission to top engineering and medical colleges. Board marks carry no weightage in the process.

This is why even though there are talented students in every district of India, it is mostly students from the metros and from big coaching hubs who are able to lear exams like the IIT JEE and NEET.

This has resulted in many families choosing to send their young children away from home to study at coaching hubs like Kota. Unfortunately, lakhs of students each year are undergoing a lot of stress in thses centres without achieveing thier goals.

We started Emprise to change this. We have devoted our heart and soul towards providing a caring, technologyenabled Gurukul for students to study for competitive exams, close to the comfort of their homes.

We sincerely hope that you will do us the honour of joining our Emprise family.

Planning your success
Emprise Academy